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Things In My Mouth

For those who like to sit & eat

Culinary wanderings of those who like eating
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Like epicurean pirates, pillaging their way through a treasure trove of succulent restaurant-wenches

This community is open for anyone to join, but is basically a reference guide to all the places where we (ie: myself and/or my group of friends) have sat & eaten and (usually) enjoyed ourselves in the New York Metro area.

If you're making a post:
+ make sure you're as specific about the location in the City as possible
+ add a link to a website for the restaurant if there is one
+ make menu suggestions
+ list the food category and location in the LJ "tags" section

And for those of you who might be confused, Kurt Proof is refering to bigboychb who requires all eating establishments who wish to be graced with his patronage to meet his Holy Hawaiian Trinity of dining out:
1.) Makepono (cheap)
2.) 'I'o holoholona (lots of meat)
3.) Nui loa (big servings)
If the restaruant is pricey, does not make you slip into a meat coma, and comes in average to small servings then it is not Kurt Proof