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03 October 2006 @ 02:58 pm
Place: 202 @ Nicole Farhi
Location: 75 9th ave, Manhattan (In the Chelsea Market)
Food Type: I don't know how I'd describe it...British & American food, with a twist.
Worth the trip?: I don't think I liked it enough to specifically head down there for it, but if I was in the area I wouldn't be averse to going there again
Kurt Proof?: I think it depends on what he ordered.

Notes: This is kinda a weird place. Yes it's a restaurant, but Nicole Farhi is a designer (fashion I think) so you're actually sitting and eating in the middle of her store. Sprinkled through out the dining room were racks of clothes and shoes and a smattering of home goods that you could peruse and buy while waiting for your meal to arrive.
The waitstaff looked pretentious but was very pleasant and I couldn't figure out if our waiter had his while polo shirt on inside out because he was hip and fashion forward, or an idiot.

I got the steak which came with a grilled portobello mushroom cap and bubbles & squeak (think mashed potatoes & cabbage, mixed together and then fried). The steak was amazingly excellent, however it was about the size of a hamburger patty. They were trying to get me to get excited over the bubbles & squeak, but I was having none of that...I wanted more steak. So in my particular case, Kurt would NOT have been satisfied. However I was there with Dino & Biscuit and they both got the vegetable lasagna which was (a)$4 cheaper than my steak and (b) looked freakin huge (about 4 servings maybe). Neither could finish and it smelled really good. So if Kurt were to get the lasagna I think he'd be okay.

It was inching towards the pricey side of things, but it's in Chelsea Market so that's not really all that surprising.
02 October 2006 @ 06:51 pm
Place: Wild Ginger
Location: 51 Grove Street, West Village, Manhattan (between Bleeker & w4th)
Food Type: Thai
Worth the trip?: Yes
Kurt Proof?: I think so. He seems satisfied after we go there...for a little while at least.

Notes: This is one of my top 5 favorite resturants in the city. I really need to learn the name of our waitress because we always get the same one when we go there and she seems to have our orders memorized. I'm sure when they see us walking in they start whispering to eachother "Oh no, the crazy white fat men are back, better start making more dumplings."

I tend to get: pad see iew, pork dumplings in hot garlic oil (14 for $4.95, so good it can't be wrong), Chicken satay, and the Thai Iced tea. I've had other things (like the mango chicken...very yum), but the pad see iew is my running favorite so I just stick to that.
02 October 2006 @ 05:10 pm
Place: Jose Tejas (aka: "The Border Cafe" in certain areas)
Location: Depending on what map you look at, either Iselin or Woodbridge, NJ
Food Type: TexMex/Cajun
Worth the trip?: Fuck yeah!
Kurt Proof?: Yes (he usually eats too much)

Notes: This place is never not noisy and crowded so there is almost always a wait, how long seems to depend on how lucky you are. They don't take reservations and don't do call-ahead seating.

The chips & queso are yummeh!
02 October 2006 @ 04:27 pm
Place: Buffalo Wild Wings
Location: New Rochelle, NY
Food Type: buffalo wings, burgers, sandwiches, bar food
Worth the trip?: Fuck yeah!
Kurt Proof?: Yes

Notes: The very firt "BW3's" that I visited was in Harrisonburg, VA and I was very excited to find one a little closer to home. The wings are good, but it's the variety of flavored sauces that sells this place and make it worth the trip up on MetroNorth (or the drive). My personal favorite is the "Spicy Garlic" which leaves me smelling delicious and zesty for at least three days afterwards.

There is sometimes a wait, but that really depends on if there's a game on or not (I think this place is technically a sports bar)