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06 October 2006 @ 10:38 am
City Diner  
Place: City Diner
Location: 2441 Broadway (at West 90th Street). Upper West Side
Subway Directions: 1, 2, or 3 to 96th Street.
Food Type: Standard Diner food
Worth the trip?: I wouldn't go out of my way
Kurt Proof?: Marginally

Notes: City Diner has two (and really only two) features to recommend it.

  • It is open 24 hours

  • It is easy to get to by train when going uptown late at night

The food is perfectly serviceable and standard. The service is uncomfortable in that way that an overly friendly waiter can make it (all the times I've been there, it's been the same guy). He has this strange habit of, when saying you're not ready to order, of saying "Don't worry, take your time." and then coming back approximately 45 seconds later to see if one is ready.

The meatloaf is rather tasty, expect for the overcooked vegetables they like to pair with it.