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05 October 2006 @ 04:46 am
Place: Plataforma Churrascaria
Location: 316 W 49th St between 8th & 9th Ave (Midtown/Hell's Kitchen) there are more locations but, this is the ones that we always go to.
Food Type: Brazilian BBQ (ie: meat meat and more meat! good lord does this place have meat.)
Worth the trip?: good lord, yes
Kurt Proof?: I should think so!

Notes: I think the phrase "Parade of meat" sums this place up perfectly. It is, down right, the most amazing cuts of meat. Delicious and cooked to the point where it melts in your mouth...and it just keeps coming. The waiters are constatly walking around with large skewers with huge hunks of meat on them, ready to cut and serve...and it's all you can eat, so we leave this place feeling a bit heavier than before.
Also it's kinda insulting to call the "salad bar" a salad bar because it's stocked with an arry of cheeses, stews, soups, bread, veggies, etc. It's such a good salad bar that it's earned Plataform the subtext of being "The Steakhouse that even vegetarians love!"

I think the only thing that keeps us from going everyday is the price. At about $30 a person for lunch (from 12pm - 3pm) and $50 for dinner (3:30pm - 12am) it's on the pricey side for us poorer folks, but we tend to put away about $200 worth of meat so it's all worth it (water is free, but other drinks and desserts are extra), but we do go for special occasions or when someone "wins meat" (don't ask)