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03 October 2006 @ 03:31 pm
Amy Ruth's  
Place: Amy Ruth's
Location: 113 west 116th St, Manhattan (Harlem)
Food Type: Soul food, southern
Worth the trip?: Oh yeah
Kurt Proof?: He seems happy when we leave so I'll say "yes"

Notes: I've noticed that we haven't gone here recently and I think we got kinda AmyRuth'd out a few months ago when we went a lot. The fried Chicken with spiced honey is wonderful but, I have to say that I would go there for the Macaroni & Cheese alone. Granted it's only a side dish, but I tend to get fried chicken with two sides of Mac&Cheese. Sooo good. I wasn't too impressed with the country friend steak though. It was more like "Chicken Fried Steak stew" because it was all...well...like stew. Even though it looked kinda gross, it still tasted good even if it's not what I was really expecting.

Added bonus: They have a "Kool-Aid of the day"